• Avoid using “home remedies” to remove stains. What works on one fabric may loosen colour on another. Moisture on “dry clean only” fabrics can leave a water mark. Rubbing can damage the surface of the material. Blot stains with a dry cloth, hang the garment up as soon as possible and take it to a dry cleaner with expertise in stain removal.
  • Follow the care label before cleaning a garment. Many garments can be washed as well as dry cleaned. Never wash a garment containing Viscose.
  • Avoid pressing where there is a double seam and always use a cloth and a cool iron. Some of today’s fabrics are very sensitive and can easily lose their shape.
  • Be gentle with nylon zippers, particularly after a garment has been dry cleaned. If they appear stiff add a little baby oil to loosen them.
  • Never wear too much deodorant. When it is dry, dust off the excess before putting on clothes to avoid any underarm discolouration.
  • Check clothes thoroughly for stains before putting them away. Certain molds react with protein, leaving a rust like stain. Check for “invisible” stains like white wine, perfume and hair spray and, if in doubt, have the garment cleaned.
  • Use heated bars in wardrobes and avoid putting clothes in drawers. If you have the space, keep a dehumidifier running in a store cupboard, particularly when storing shoes, handbags and luggage.
  • Dry clean clothes and household furnishings before moving, particularly if they are going to be in storage. This will prevent discolouring and discourage mold or moths.
  • Check your wardrobe every few months to ensure clothes are not getting damp or moldy. On sunny days, hang them in the fresh air if possible.
  • Avoid dry cleaning your suede and leather clothes. Keep them on hangers when not in use, store in silk bags and have your dry cleaner spot clean for minor stains or soiling. If they smell smoky after an evening out, hang them in the fresh air.
  • Avoid buying very expensive materials for drapes and loose covers or high priced fitted carpets. Hong Kong’s sun will fade everything regardless of quality and they will need replacing. Put nets at your windows for added protection. Choose a heavy cotton interlining, as rubberised can break up in the sun or the cleaning process
  • Allow extra material as all furnishing fabric relaxes after the first clean. If you love chintz, remember the finish will flush out when cleaned.
  • Never let your loose covers get too soiled. Ingrained dirt is very difficult to remove. Do not attempt to clean stains on fitted chair covers as this can cause discolouration when the padding gets damp.

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