A personal letter from Goodwins of London Managing Director, Elaine Goodwin:

"The last time I had something ruined at the dry cleaners was over 28 years ago. That's when I opened Goodwins of London!"

Dear Customers,

Have you ever been disappointed with the quality of your dry cleaning? Wondered why a simple stain had not been removed, light colours looked greyish, your suit was shiny and over pressed, or a near new garment came back from the dry cleaners looking old and shabby?

Believing that any garment, whatever the cost, deserves to be dry cleaned properly I decided to bring Hong Kong quality dry cleaning at affordable prices. I hired a dry cleaning specialist from London who advised me of the best machinery and chemicals to use, trained my staff in the best international cleaning, pressing and stain removal techniques, then stayed for two years until our standards reached the level of excellence I had requested.

Many of the original team are still with me today. As fabric and cleaning methods change we continually upgrade our skills. Our success rate with stubborn stains is renowned and we can clean anything from elegant designer gowns and antique kimonos to household furnishings, duvets, linens and rugs. Goodwins of London is now the only dry cleaners I trust with my clothes.

Many local dry cleaners over use their chemicals, shorten their process times and increase drying heat to save time and cost. This damages garments and reduces the effectiveness of the cleaning methods. High volume operators may offer cheaper prices but at the cost of care and control procedures.

At Goodwins each garment is individually examined and sorted to ensure its correct cleaning and identify stains. All precious or breakable buttons are removed prior to cleaning and sewn on by hand afterwards. Our state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly machines use fresh chemicals with every load. This extends the life of your clothes and ensures that they are delivered almost as clean and fresh as the day you bought them.

Many garments never even see an iron at Goodwins. We prefer to steam out creases and use special finishing tables to give garments a newer looking finish and avoid glazing. Shirts are our speciality. They are washed in small machines, dried naturally or spin dried and then pressed by hand. You may choose between light, medium or heavy starch and whether they are returned on hangers or folded.

Household furnishings are often neglected. Before cleaning curtains, loose covers, linens or bedspreads we check the fabric for colour-fastness in both chemicals and water (since there is often no care label), then pre-treat any stains. Linings are also carefully checked and after cleaning both are hand-pressed. Rugs are spotted to remove stains then steam-cleaned. Fringes are done by hand. Duvets are individually washed then steamed to send them back fresh and fluffy.

Our tailoress is trained in repairs and alterations of both garments and household furnishings. She can take up hems, take in waist-bands and seams, replace zippers. We can also arrange for garments to be invisibly mended.

Our uniformed drivers and assistants are trained in garment care and are able to offer advice at your door. They will pick-up and deliver throughout most of Hong Kong, including Kowloon, Discovery Bay and the New Territories . Our staff take a personal interest in each of our customers and do their best to provide friendly, courteous service at all times - at the counter, on the telephone or at your home - and our prices are only marginally higher than most local companies.

We are British-owned and managed and our staff speaks English, Chinese and Tagalog. The entire Goodwins' team is looking forward to providing the service and care that your clothes and household furnishings deserve.

Yours Sincerely,

Elaine Goodwin
Managing Director


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